Nova Scotia, Canada

Described on a provincial vehicle license plate as Canada's Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia owes everything to the sea, especially its climate. Robust winters, reluctant springs, fresh summers, and lingering falls; reliable precipitation and lavish snowfalls; misty sunlight, thick fog, and expansive sea ice -- all of these, and many more, are a part of Nova Scotia's maritime climate. The influence of the sea is not surprising. The province is virtually a peninsula surrounded by seas: the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the north, the Bay of Fundy to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east.

It's like in my coldest dream to live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nice place, isn't it?




今天google推出了社会化小工具,我下了一个小工具叫做Who has the biggest brain? 做一点智力测验,然后把分数和结果放在朋友群组里,等待朋友的PK。感觉和Facebook上的Apps一样。Google目前大概推出了十几种社会化工具,都可以内嵌在iGoogle里。

从此iGoogle将会变成另一个Facebook+Twitter。我个人感觉,google最需要解决的问题就是,如何在没有Gmail帐号的情况下,用别的Email地址登录iGoogle。因为不是每个人都会有一个Gmail地址的。OpenID更遥远,看来iGoogle如果希望把蛋糕做大,只能去支持别的Email帐号作为Google Account了。

这一步企图心真的很大,但是将会和未来推出的Google Wave有些冲突吧。我们拭目以待。
Official Google Blog: I scream, you scream, we all scream for iGoogle social!