David's English lessons

--------7th May, 2008--------
to slurp your soup:making noise when drinking soup
eat your soup (for western people)
don't eat with your mouth open (to children)
wannabe Chinese:want to be a chinese,but can't 可以当名词用:he's a Chinese wannabe. 有一个奖项:“赶超偶像”奖(Wannabe Award)
hypocritical:伪善 注意发音
mash:被爱慕的人(片名:风流医生俏护士. 英文名:MASH ) 当然,原意是:把…捣成泥; 压碎 (mashed food, baby food)
poor [puə] pour [pɔ:] pull [pul]
puddle 水坑 paddle 浆
vegan [ˈvedʒən]:people who don't use animal production 注意不是 virgin [ˈvə:dʒin]
I only eat a small amount of meat
it's a round trip/ one-way trip
lice are lousy.
我晕车了 I have car sickness (或者 car-sick)
我会晕车 I get car sickness
我头很晕 I feel dizzy
我晕 faint (有虚弱的意思)
刘姥姥 got the giddy feeling after entering Daguanyuan 带着欢愉的晕眩(giddy with joy) --------May 13,2008--------
He is the backbone of the organization. (鱼没有脊椎吗?fishbone)
I am lying down/laying my body on the ground.
don't throw pearls to swines. [pə:l] [swain] 别给猪戴珠宝!别对牛弹琴
grovel [ˈɡrɔvəl]:get his knee down to beg sth. (I will not grovel to anyone)(he groveled to his girlfriend not to leave him.)
I begged her not to go. 我恳求她不要去。(beg sb. to do sth.)
a set phrase :口头禅
禅:contemplation 或者翻译成Zen